In this time of low housing prices a real estate investor will benefit with important profits, for example, if you buy a 3/2 single family home for about one hundred thousand dollars, you should be able to rent it for twelve hundred dollars a month and get a gross income of fourteen thousand four hundred dollars at the end of the year getting a net profit of eleven thousand dollars depending on the tax amount and property insurance to be paid.

If you get this net amount, that means that you are receiving about eleven percent net per year ( 11% ) of your invested money.

How much is your bank offering to hold your money in their accounts? Maybe 2% per year?

Rhino's edge fundwill manage your investment portfolio through a Value Added strategy. It involves buying a property, improving it, and selling it at an opportune time for gain. Properties are considered value added when they exhibit management or operational problems, require physical improvement, and/or suffer from capital constraints.

Investors can feel the comfort of receive all the support that our staff offers, by providing commercial and residential real estate research reports, market data, analysis and professional insight. We monitor trends and make projections to help you make critical decisions.

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