Acquiring a home is not a simple process, we are here to help you understand it and guide you in the best professional and honest way.
Remember, we are committed to meet your needs and your satisfaction is our goal.

The following are the first steps at the time you decide to buy:

1. Contact a lender
Show your mortgage consultant honesty and precisely arrange all the documents requested by him or her. Make sure the mortgage consultant presents you all the numbers that you are comfortable with and that you certainly qualify for.
Request an approval certificate.

2. Contact a Real Estate agent
With the approval certificate you are ready to start looking for a new home. Contact an honest, professional, experienced and full time agent that will work for your interest and not only for his/her commission. A right Consultant is an enormous help and could be the right key for your success.

2.1 Presenting and offer
After you have chosen your future home it is time to submit an offer, please make sure that you real estate consultant has explained all the documents before you sign them.
At the time that the seller signs your offer it becomes a contract.

3. Contract and closing.
With the contract in your hands you have to submit it to you lender for final approval. At the same time you have to start accomplishing the contingencies stipulated in the contract to get prepared for closing.
A good real estate agent will guide you correctly throughout the process.

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